trivega cherry paradicsom nébih legfinomabb koktélparadicsom
Ripening in one of our greenhouses

Based on a test by the National Food Chain Safety Office, one our members, Nemeskert Kft. won the “tastiest cherry tomato in Hungary” title with our product “Cherry tomato”.

The National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) also published the results of the 2018 cocktail tomato test on and in a YouTube video. During the test, 16 different cocktail or cherry tomatoes from the offerings of 7 large Hungarian retail chains were examined. 11 Hungarian, 2 Slovak, 2 Spanish and 1 Italian products were presented, and all of them complied with the requirements in terms of food safety, quality and traceability without exception.

A tomato test cannot be complete without a tasting. Both expert and casual tasters scored the products in a popularity test. Participants did not know which of the 16 cherry tomatoes they were smelling and tasting. Four main aspects have been taken into account, which are also worth paying attention to when buying in store to get the best quality on our family’s table:

  • appearance
  • consistency
  • fragrance
  • and of course the taste. The taste of the tomato should be sufficiently aromatic, juicy, pleasantly sweet-sour.

Based on these four aspects, the title of the most delicious cocktail tomato was won by our “Cherry tomato” product.

It can still be found on store shelves and still tastes majestic:

It’s worth a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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