Our YOOM ™ tomato is now available on the shelves of Hungarian Tesco stores and will be a favorite delicacy for many with its exciting exterior and interior appearance, perfect ripeness and umami flavor.

Why you should try :

  • Unique dark purple color, fantastic taste
  • Perfect sweet-sour taste ratio with a long-lasting “umami” taste
  • Refreshingly crunchy, exotic character
  • Valuable nutrient content for a healthy diet

Tasty and healthy delicacy with a special look

It appears dark purple, almost black, because it’s very rich in antioxidants (anthocyanins and carotenoids), which help to overcome fatigue, for example. In addition, it is high in vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. Ideal food for blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Make your favorite recipes more delicious, while paying attention to your health! How can YOOM ™ make your food so spicy and intensely delicious? Thanks to the unique combination of amino acids and special flavors, its taste is typically “umami” – the “fifth flavor”.

Since we also eat with our eyes, its appearance is also very important: Its colorful and juicy interior makes the YOOM ™ variety a perfect tomato for salads, appetizers, or even just for consumption alone! Tryit ! Cut it up, let family members or guests be amazed!

Only from selected producers

YOOM ™ tomatoes are available in the countries marked with red

The variety is grown worldwide, but due to the strictest quality requirements, only the most professional farmers – only 10 growers around the world – have the opportunity to do so. We are very proud that Trivega Kft. Is the only one in Hungary to produce and deliver this truly special product to consumers.

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Taste it today, you will not be disappointed!

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From the Hungarian Southern Great Plain, with heart and soul.