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“Together For Quality, Quality For Health.” Fresh, juicy, and very tasty tomatoes from the Southern Great Plains of Hungary. Made with heart and soul.

About Trivega Kft.

The company was founded at the end of 2012 in order to deliver the high-quality goods produced in the Southern Great Plain to the consumers’ tables in the shortest possible time through large domestic store chains. Since 2014, we have been operating as a producer group of three families from three counties, and since January 2019 as a producer sales organization (TÉSZ) with 15 active producer members. Our members are second and third generation family farmers from the sunny Southern Great Plain region of Hungary:

1. Nemeskert Kft. – Forráskút

2. Nemes Agro Kft. – Balástya

3. Id. Nemes-Nagy János – Balástya

4. Ifj. Nemes-Nagy János – Baks

5. Nemes-Nagy Zsolt – Zsombó, Üllés

6. Gonda József – Sándorfalva

7. Majsaikert Kft. – Orosháza

8. Majsai Zoltán – Orosháza

9. Majsai Balázs – Orosháza

10. Csizmadiáné Majsai Szilvia – Orosháza

11. Csizmadia Tamás – Orosháza

12. Agrothermál Kft. – Öcsöd

13. Öcsödi Agrár Kft. – Öcsöd

14. Parikert Kft. – Öcsöd

15. Oborzil Zoltán – Öcsöd

trivega TÉSZ tagjai teljes csoportkép

Our Mission

Consumers’ consumption habits of tomatoes have changed a lot in recent years. Our task is to make available to them in high quality, all year round, the new and exciting flavors and experiences that they want to taste and then purchase again and again.

We also produce headed cabbage, cucumber and bell pepper in our greenhouses seasonally.

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Cherry tomatoes in the spring sunshine in one of our greenhouses