We produce 30 varieties of succulent tomatoes on the 15 farms of the Trivega Southern Great Plain producer association. Each is a little different, but each can be a star of your meals. Do you know which variety is best for what? Be the end product a barbecue delicacy, salad, or tomato sauce, you will not be disappointed in our heart and soul grown tomatoes.

Based on a test by the National Food Chain Safety Office, we produce the tastiest cherry tomato in Hungary. 

Find our products in large groceries all over Hungary!


In Tesco stores you can find our cluster cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, divine strawberry tomatoes and sweet-as-honey delisher tomatoes:


In addition to our customers’ favourite Strabena cherry tomatoes, Lidl stores offer a whole range of our products. They are all a little different, but each one is wonderfully delicious. The packaging also helps with the use cases and taste intensity (degree of sweetness)!


On the shelves of Spar, our plum and cocktail tomatoes are waiting in their best form to get on the family table!

This is how Trivega products are made (Spoilers: With love)

The Trivega producer association was established in 2012 to pool together high-quality, 100% Hungarian goods produced by its members and to bring a wide selection of tomatoes, rich in natural vitamin sources, to the table of consumers as soon as possible through Hungarian retail chains.

You can find the following Trivega products on the shelves:

  • cluster tomato (tomatoes on the vine)
  • cherry tomato
  • large plum tomato
  • cocktail plum tomato
  • strawberry tomato
  • snack tomato (red, yellow, dark green)
  • grill tomato

Our product range also includes cucumber, lettuce and bell pepper.

♥ With lots of love from Southern Hungary. Look for our products with the Trivega logo in stores all over the country!