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Fresh vegetables from the sunny Southeast Hungary

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About us

Our company was founded at the end of 2012 in order to deliver the high-quality vegetables produced in Southeast Hungary to the consumers’ tables in the shortest possible time through the Hungarian retail chains.

Since 2014, we have been operating as a producer group of three production families from three counties. Since January 2019 as a producer sales organization (TÉSZ) with 15 active producer members.

Our members are second and third generation family farmers from the sunny Southern Alföld region.

The company has made significant improvements to its sites over the past decade to produce higher-yield, better-quality vegetables year-round.

Our production takes place on more than 44 hectares in the high-tech, modern greenhouses of TRIVEGA members and on 8 hectares in its tents. Depending on the size of the sites and the seasonal work, the members provide a total of nearly 600 permanent jobs.

TRIVEGA’s main goal is to make fresh vegetables available to customers in high quality, all year round. Today, consumers are increasingly looking for smaller, tasty tomatoes, so we are constantly expanding their range.

In addition, we also grow specialties such as dark purple, or yellow tomatoes, which are a real gastronomic specialty.

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The entire production area is heated with geothermal energy, and solar energy is also used for the energy needs of greenhouses with the help of solar collectors. we protect our stocks from pests by supporting them with biological plant protection.

Greenhouses use recyclable coconut fiber as a growing medium, which is made from coconut husks and provides a perfect water supply and aeration for the roots.

The raw material for the packaging of the products comes from sustainable forestry. Our drip systems for watering vegetables are targeted to dispense water, thus avoiding unnecessary water consumption.

- Est. 2012 -


We are proud to have received a number of prestigious professional awards in recent years.

We won the Symbol of Sustainability competition
Trade Magazin announced the Symbol of Sustainability competition for the third time.
Female Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year.
At the Agricultural Sector 2021 conference, the prestigious professional jury awarded the prize of the female agricultural entrepreneur of the year to one of the managing directors, Ms. Andrea Nemes-Nagyné Vas.
Horticultural Grand Prix
TRIVEGA member Nemeskert Kft. Received the Horticultural Grand Prix at the 80th National Agricultural and Food Exhibition and Fair.
The audience's favorite is Cherry Tomato
Nébih's consumer test in 2018 brought the title of the most delicious cocktail tomato with our audience's favorite "Cherry" tomato.
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